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Reservations are recommended for Trial Climbs and Classes.
Detailed descriptions of the classes we offer:
Intro to Climbing - click for pricing page
This class teaches the skills of putting on a harness, tying into the rope, belaying the top-rope, and climbing communication. The class includes 2 hours of instruction, climbing equipment for the day, and a Day Pass for the rest of the day. Plan to stay and climb after the class to make the most of the included Day Pass. The class is regularly held Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11:00 AM, but classes may be scheduled during the week by appointment. Class size is limited and pre-registration is highly recommended. To take this class you must be 14 years old. Please call us to pre-register or to schedule a class for an alternate day.

Intro to Sport Climbing - click for pricing page
This class teaches the skills needed to sport climb in a climbing gym. The class covers lead belaying, lead climbing, clipping techniques, rope management, and more. The class is composed of two sessions; the sessions are two hours long and are held two weeks apart. You must attend both sessions consecutively. Please speak to a staff member regarding the next available class dates. To take this class you must be at least 14 years old, have passed the tope-rope belay test here, and should be able to comfortably climb 5.9 on top rope.

Indoor to Outdoor Sport Transition - click for pricing page
This class is designed for sport climbers looking to transition from sport climbing indoors to outdoors. This class includes approximately 3 hours of instruction covering knowledge and skills needed to begin Sport climbing outdoors. Some topics covered are proper equipment usage and placement, various cleaning techniques, basic rappelling skills, and commands. To take this class you must be at least 14 years old, have taken our Intro to Sport Climbing class or have passed the lead climb and lead belay test with us.

For more detailed information on our climbing options, please refer to our Climbing Overview.

Signed Release Agreement
Any person who wants to climb, belay, or take a class at The Delaware Rock Gym must complete
The Delware Rock Gym Release Agreement.
If the participant is under 18 then their parent or court-appointed legal guardian must sign our release agreement on their behalf.

The Delaware Rock Gym
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